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Ks ago was feeling great but have developed terrible abdominal pain. Going back to doctor and surgeon tomorrow to try and work it out. india generic viagra online pharmacy Feeling very defeated as i am unwell again after all i have been thru!!! My 16 year old had to have his gallbladder removed dec. where can australia order viagra online 2006, we expected some diarrea for a few months after surgery, but 13 months later he still has that plus vomitting nausea, abdominal pain (started in the upper right side, but now its all though his intesines with dizziness he is having to be taught school at home because he vomiiting at school so much that it diruptes the class. He has had sveral blood tests, an upper gi, a colonoscopy, a ct scan and is scheduled to swallow a pill shaped camera. And we still don't know what the problem is. He has gained wieght instead of losing (due to vomitting and diarrea). The only thing his doctor says he can come up with is excess amounts of bile. Report abuse guest on 8/16/09 what treatment did you seek and have you found relief? I have all of the same things going on and am frustrated because the dr. S just keep referring me to other dr. does viagra work if women take S. viagra without a doctor prescription Report abuse guest on 2/19/10 had gall bladder surgery in 2005. viagra viagra viagra what's difference I have found that any high fat food is no longer edible. Since gall bladder is no longer there to store bile, bile goes directly to stomach. This causes indigetion, bloating and gas. Also having pain near surgical site. This is probably due to scar tissue around the clips that are left in after the surgery. Apparently, doctors do not care if you have this pain, and will do nothing about it. viagra viagra viagra what's difference Report abuse guest on 3/31/10 i am going to a specialist in st louis mo tommorow for the same kind of probs you all are discussing i had my gallbladder out a year ago and have had probs since it was lap. Surgery how about all of you. I have heard there are doctors that say you might have problems with the bile ducts its called sphincter of oddi dysfunction look it up on net and see if it describes your symptoms and get to a doctor experienced in this, i pray the one im seeing tommorow will help~!!!!!!! Report abuse mj4eva22 on 4/6/10 i have had a lot of problems since having my gall bladder removed in june/2009. I was ok for the first two days after having it removed and then i all of a sudden started throwing up bile, diahrea, nausea, dizziness, weight loss, loss of appetite. I have been put on questran for the diahrea, tried a lot of different acid meds (nexium, prilosec, aciphex, kepidex, protonix, etc. ). Also on odansetron for nausea. viagra without prescription I was hospitalized on and off from july/august 2009. buy viagra online in usa They still have not found out what is going on with me. I throw up a really thick green-yellow bile every couple days in the morning which makes me feel sick the rest of the day. order viagra I have to take pain meds to help with the burning i get all o. viagra cost bangkok